Executive Board

James Lawson — President

James Lawson is UFAWU-Unifor's current elected president. James has experience working as a skipper in salmon seine, herring, prawn and geoduck fisheries and has been an outspoken advocate on social issues in fisheries on the B.C. coast for many years.

Helen-Anne Beans — Vice President

Helen-Anne Beans is UFAWU-Unifor's current elected vice-president. Helen has experience as a salmon seine, prawn and herring gillnet fish harvester. Helen has contributed a significant amount of time to the issues facing B.C.’s active fish harvesters.

Guy Johnston — Secretary Treasurer

Guy Johnston is UFAWU-Unifor's current elected secretary-treasurer. Guy fishes by trap for prawns and shrimp, while using hook and line to catch salmon, rockfish, and lingcod. Guy has been involved with UFAWU-Unifor for many years.

General Executive Board

Richard Michelson — Seine

Richard Michelson is a 4th generation fisherman running a salmon seiner gillnetter. Richard owns a prawner and herring punt and take part in the gulf herring dive spawn survey. He also sits on the southern panel for the pacific salmon commission.

Kim Olsen — GN Area C

Barry Crow — GN Area D

Conrad Lewis — North/Shore

Bob Burkosky — Ling Cod

Brian Hamiguchi — South/Shore

Kyle Louis — GN Area E Prawn/Crab/Herring