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Tendermen Benefits

Tendermen covered by UFAWU contracts have benefits:

  • Tendermen's severance pay
  • Tendermen's Pension
  • Medical, Dental and Extended - Qualifications outlined in the Tendermen's Collective Agreement

Tendermen have severance pay under certain conditions: If you lose your job due to the company closing down or merging with another, if you retire between 60-70 years old or if you become ill. Contact the UFAWU for more information.

Tendermen are covered by the Shoreworker's Pension Plan. You will receive your Pension Statements each spring. Any questions should be directed to the Pension Fund at 604 519 3636.

Tendermen will ALSO have the option of enrolling for coverage with the United Fishermen’s Benefit Fund, yearly premiums will provide the following benefits:

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