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In the commercial fishing industry, everything is linked. Quality fisheries are tied to quality habitat and a clean environment. 

Healthy fish stocks that support strong fisheries bring wealth and health to fishing communities. Fishermen, Tendermen and Shoreworkers are involved in protecting the environment and maintaining fish habitats that are clean and diverse. Communities and people who are connected to the fishery support habitat protection.

Sustainable fisheries require sustainable fisheries management — where fish stocks are not over or under harvested.

Under harvesting damages the ability of the fishing fleet to maintain their vessels and pay their crews.

Managing the fishery to put surplus spawners on the spawning grounds is a waste, and can put future salmon runs at risk due to overcrowding, the build-up of predators, and increased competition for food.

Linking clean habitats to sustainable fish stocks, to sustainable fisheries, to sustainable people, and to communities is essential. Because if people and communities don't see the benefits of a fishery, habitat and fish suffer.

It is all connected.

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