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Seniority Plan

Seniority Lists are lists of all workers in each plant, usually by their date of hire, while Seniority Plans set out any special seniority rules. Each plant or operation has its own seniority list.

Seniority Lists are lists of workers used to determine the order of general call-out. Every Shoreworker is put on their plant’s seniority list as soon as they are hired.

Seniority lists usually are broken into 2 or 3 groupings: probationary, seasonal, and regular. Your seniority will be your date of hire. When you have completed your probationary period (400 hours of work), you will move to the seasonal list (if your plant has one) or to the regular list.  You will keep your date of hire.

You can contact the Union to see the list for your plant and the Company should have it posted on the employees’ bulletin board.

Seniority Plans are negotiated at the plant or regional level.

Seniority Plans set out how seniority is applied. And because each plant is different, Seniority Plans also differ. They may set out the plant’s Departments and Classifications and any special seniority rules. They may state the plant’s call-out procedures and any day shift/night shift rules. Any special arrangement agreed to that modifies seniority or call-out should be in your Seniority Plan.

Seniority Plans, once agreed to by the Company and the Union, become part of the Collective Agreement.

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