Resource Management

Jan 16, 2023

This post was originally published to The Fisherman website. More archived The Fisherman blog posts can be found on our Archive Page.


All fisheries need better resource management.


  • Resource management needs to reflect the interests of communities, fishermen, tendermen and shoreworkers
  • Open and transparent meetings
  • Meetings need to be near the communities they are impacting
  • Stock assessment– better
  • stream walking – more guardians
  • Use of drones instead of walking in some areas
  • Utilize First Nations’ stream counting reports if DFO not doing
  • Fishermen participate in stream walking
  • Need offshore assessment fisheries to determine run size
  • Fishermen should understand / agree on methodology before DFO uses models to determine TAC in any fishery
  • need a ‘fishermen’s biologist’ to assist fishermen in debates with DFO or other sectors. They all have their own staff biologists
  • DFO needs more staff
  • need enough C&P so that we are not closed to a lack of fisheries patrolmen / – more guardians –
  • more managers
  • Stable fish management (same people stay in the position in )
  • Round tables everywhere
  • Can use outside fishery for in-season assessment of run size (eg Barkley Sound). Fisheries can occur sooner not rely on in-river assessments after the fish has gone by.
  • Industry pays royalty for stream assessment