Reconciliation With First Nations

Jan 16, 2023

This post was originally published to The Fisherman website. More archived The Fisherman blog posts can be found on our Archive Page.


First Nations and commercial fish harvesters need to work together to benefit ALL commercial fisheries.


  • Need to develop an agreed upon a common Coastal Fisheries Strategy with First Nations/Communities/Owner-operators/NNFC/Native Brotherhood/other organizations
  • Help FNs develop individual operator fisheries for their Economic (PICFI) fisheries
  • Round tables
  • Meet separately from large planning groups
  • Round tables need to be everywhere
  • Start with Bella Coola on Central Coast
  • In season, allocations can be transferred
  • Positive way to get fishermen fishing – use small bite fisheries as assessment fisheries to permit earlier openings
  • Need facilitators
  • Fishermen and First Nations get together to figure out allocations.
  • Consultants are representing FNs.
  • Fishermen should talk directly with First Nations to ensure lines of communication are open
  • Indigenous fishers in FN economic fisheries – inland and marine
  • Opportunities for dialogue
  • Help with training in commercial fishing techniques (if skills have faded)
  • Allocations to FN are not necessarily going to indigenous fishers so we need to raise this issue with government and FN communities
  • PICFI allocations can be used to attract young fishermen and or to improve finances of existing indigenous fishermen through increased catches
  • Commercial fishers can use PICFI as an example of Community-based allocations that can be leased out at nominal costs.