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UFAWU-Unifor Addresses Legislative Assembly of BC Finance Committee

On Monday, June 13, UFAWU Business Agent Emily Orr addressed the Legislative Assembly of BC Finance Committee with priorities for the 2023 Budget.

Presenting a theme of asks that speak to Transition and Rebuilding of Commercial Fisheries, Emily asked for the Committee’s urgent consideration of:

1. Support of Commercial Fish Harvesters: labour force adjustment programs for displaced harvesters, and transitional supports for harvesters to remain in the industry thereby sustaining infrastructure and knowledge base during times of forced transition.

2. Building the Future of Fisheries: increase of hatchery production and implementation of new commercial fish hatcheries.

3. Improvements to Commercial Fisheries Access Structure to Expand the Socio-Economic Value of BC Fisheries: Support of Owner-Operator Policy development, development of loan boards to reduce barriers of entry for new domestic owner-operator harvesters.

The Committee was deeply moved by the presentation and responded very positively with agreement for the need to invest in and support commercial fish harvesters.

We look forward to working further with the Finance Committee to ensure that the UFAWU’s asks are well understood and hopefully met with the fiscal support requested.

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