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Salmon Closures — Fighting Back

The sudden announcement of 79 salmon fishery closures has created great uncertainty for B.C. salmon harvesters and the organizations that represent them.

In the wake of these troubling announcements, UFAWU-Unifor is uniting with a coalition of B.C. salmon organizations to stand up for harvesters and demand the government take appropriate accountability for the abrupt and harmful decisions they have made.

These closures have been framed as a radical course of action taken to combat the salmon crisis. 

However, the truth is that these closures lack grounding in science and blatantly disregard the true, environmental causes of the crisis.

While local salmon harvesters make for convenient scapegoats, it’s time for the government to tackle the real, environmental issues facing salmon.

Harvesters deserve transparency and industry consultation. These decisions were made behind closed doors and without the input of fishermen.

Fishermen also require better support — as “fair market value” isn't compensation. 

A reopening plan is crucial. There has been no proposal for reopening, should stocks improve.

This coalition is currently working to organize a coordinated, multi-pronged response to these closures that addresses the unfair treatment of B.C. salmon harvesters.

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