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Premiums Update & Last Chance For Pre-Christmas Calendar Orders

2023 Premiums Update

Changes to the Benefit Fund premiums will be made as follows:

The UFBF is offering the Full Benefit Plan or the Core Benefit Plan.

Full Benefit Plan includes coverage for Dental, Extended Health, Weekly Indemnity, Hospital Benefit, Travel Assistance Benefit, Shipwreck, Loss of Life Benefit or Funeral Benefit.

The annual premium rate shall be: $700 Single $1400 for Couple or Family

Core Benefit Plan includes coverage for the Hospital Benefit, Travel Assistance, Shipwreck, Loss of Life or Funeral Benefit. The annual premium rate shall be: $200

CFC Salmon Seine Fishermen The Union negotiated benefit coverage for CFC seine fishermen. CFC will pay ½ of the yearly premiums for eligible fishermen who are enrolled in the Full Benefit Plan or will pay 100% of the premiums for the Core Benefit Plan. If you are a seine fisherman who fished the last 2 summers for CFC and want to be enrolled in the Full or Core Plan, please contact the Benefit Fund.

Plan Rules:

Coverage will be from January to December of each year.

Members will have the option to enroll for the Full Benefit Plan or the Core Benefit Plan and must register as single, couple or family at the time of enrollment, within 2 years of eligibility. Late enrollments may be accepted if enrollment was delayed, because of current coverage through another plan.

There shall be no Opting In or Out of either Plan once registered, with the exception of a one-time change from the Core Benefit Plan to the Full Benefit Plan.

Retired members are not eligible for Weekly Indemnity or Shipwreck under either plan.

Premium payments may be paid with post-dated cheques, on the 1st of January, April, July, and October of each year.

NEW Members who enroll for the “Full Benefit Plan” will be eligible for Reduced coverage for the first 6 months of enrollment. The Full Benefit Plan will be implemented automatically after 6 months.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions: 778-645-0578 or Benefits@ufawu.org.

Last Chance For Pre-Christmas Calendar Orders

The UFAWU-Unifor 2023 wall calendar is still available for pre-Christmas delivery.

Orders placed by December 10, 2022, will be shipped in time for December 25, 2022.

This 9×12 wall calendar celebrates the B.C. commercial fishing industry by showcasing commercial fishing vessels, harbours, and shoreside fish plants.

Calendars cost $20 and can be purchased online using a credit card. Orders may be shipped or pick-up can be arranged in Campbell River, Vancouver, and Prince Rupert.

Note: Calendars will remain on sale following December 10, 2022.

Click here to order a calendar!

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