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Sign the Petition to Stop Foreign Ownership of Fishing Licenses and Quotas!

The United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union has launched a Parliamentary Petition requesting an immediate stop to any further foreign ownership or beneficial interest in Canadian licenses and quotas.

The petition aims to ban any further transfer of Canadian commercial fishing licenses and quotas to foreign ownership or foreign beneficial interest.

Canada currently has no limitations on foreign ownership of commercial fishing licenses and quotas, causing economic losses to domestic fish processing and processing jobs in Canada, and displacing Canadian owner-operator fish harvesters. 

The petition supports a recommendation made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans’ 2019 Report on Sharing Risks and Benefits.

The petition will be open for signature until March 22nd. 

Together, we can ensure that the benefits of commercial fisheries flow to our coastal communities and protect small-scale fish harvesters.

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