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PAB Meeting Updates and Union Calendar Coming Soon

Prawn Advisory Board Meeting Updates

Yesterday, the Prawn Advisory Board held a Pre-IFMP Planning Meeting. Two notable updates from the meeting are outlined below.

Tubs and Labelling

The tub size maximum has been raised to 942ml/32oz. 

Standardized Tub Labels will be required as of the 2023 season, which will include information to identify the vessel, date of catch, area, etc., and will have a specific number generated per label that removes the possibility of duplicates being generated outside of the qualified label system. 

DFO advises that this label system will remove the previously proposed requirement of a third-party monitoring program. 

The question of who will be supplying the labels (PPFA, DFO, a certain print company?) and what the cost per label /per quantity will be was posed at the meeting.  However, these details have not yet been determined. 

Hoeya Sill: IPCA and Marine Refuge

DFO’s MPATT lead Dan Leus gave an update with regard to the NSB MPAn, which was specifically to discuss the Hoeya Sound (Lull Bay, Hoeya Sill) in Knight Inlet.  

This area was declared by the Mamalilikulla as an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area in November 2021, and has now been identified by DFO to be designated as a Marine Refuge, which effectively advances the timeline for this area to be assessed for determination of closures to fisheries. 

“Most commercial and recreational fisheries are identified as activities of concern” to the site’s conservation objectives.

When asked if the boundaries of the Marine Refuge have been determined definitively, DFO replied that they are basically set and that any change to boundary placement would require a very compelling reason to revisit the work that has been done to establish the area coordinates. 

UFAWU-Unifor 2023 Calendar

The UFAWU-Unifor 2023 wall calendar will be available for pre-order soon on the UFAWU-Unifor website.

This 9X12 calendar will celebrate the BC commercial fishing industry by showcasing commercial fishing vessels, harbours, and shoreside fish plants. The calendar will be shipped in time for Christmas and will remain on sale into the new year if stock permits.

The calendar will be available to both UFAWU-Unifor members and non-members.

Stay tuned for more information on purchasing a calendar at UFAWU-Unifor.org.

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