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New Petition Supporting Prawn Harvesters — Please Sign!

In March, UFAWU-Unifor joined a number of other organizations in creating a petition. This petition aimed to spread awareness of a DFO regulation reinterpretation that would threaten both food security and prawn harvesters in B.C. This reinterpretation would see the process of freezing prawns in water banned — disrupting the direct-to-public public sale of prawns that currently benefits both harvesters and customers in B.C.

The petition was a great success and shined a light on the issue — attracting important media coverage and public awareness.

Thanks to that petition, this issue caught the attention of politicians and a Federal e-Petition has now been created to bring even greater attention to this urgent matter.

We are thankful to those who have supported prawn harvesters on this matter. We now ask for your continued support by signing the new petition!

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