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Historical Data Questions Area H SC Chum Closure

Following a recent decision to close the Area H South Coast chum fishery until further notice due to drought, Area H Troller Jody Eriksson compiled historical data that suggests current environmental conditions are not abnormal for this time of year.

To illustrate East Coast Vancouver Island river flows at this time of year, Eriksson focused on the Englishmen River "because of its central location on the south island and because its flow is not artificially controlled."

Eriksson used publically available hydrometric historical data from the Government of Canada in order to compare twelve examples since 1980 of equally dry years. This equals approximately 25 per cent of years since 1980.

The data compiled by Eriksson shows that the first noticeable rain in the twelve comparable years ranged from October 14 to November 9 — with the average being near the end of October.

With these historical comparisons in mind, Eriksson outlines a number of questions regarding the decision to close the Area H South Coast chum fishery in his document. See the full data and Eriksson's questions in the document below:

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