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Future of Salmon Draft Report Now Available For Review

A draft report on the future of the B.C. commercial salmon industry is now available for review and comment by commercial salmon harvesters.

The draft report, which was created following The Future of B.C. Commercial Salmon Fishing Conference, contains recommendations made by conference attendees on the the future of the salmon industry. The recommendations cover the topics of salmon runs, allocation, access, governance and licencing.

While the recommendations included in the document were made by those who attended the conference, it is important that the document accurately reflect the concerns of all B.C. commercial salmon harvesters — whether present at the conference or not, commercial salmon harvesters are strongly encouraged to review the report and submit their questions, comments and concerns.

The draft report will be available for review and comment until March 25, 2021. Following this review period, comments, suggestions and concerns submitted by commercial salmon harvesters will be reviewed and incorporated into a final draft of the report.

Once a final draft is completed, The Future of B.C. Commercial Salmon Fishing Report will be submitted to the minister and deputy minister.

Please submit any comments on the The Future of B.C. Commercial Salmon Fishing Draft Report to info@ufawu.org.

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