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Fraser Update & A Note From Our Organizer

Today, the PSC recommended and the Panel adopted a run size of 3.8M for the Summer run and 2.05M for the Late run (an increase from 2M). Despite a small run size increase to Late run Sockeye, there is no additional quota available for Area B and H at this time. Area B quota remains 1,450 per licence and Area H 357 per licence.

Click here to see the full Fraser Panel Update.

So, it looks like a wrap on the 2022 sockeye season. I’m working on a more formal end-of-season update regarding DFO’s “management” decisions this year and will get that out soon. Our website and Facebook page will also have follow-up info. And we still have fall chum season to get through.

In the meantime, however, I really want to say thank you to everyone for their engagement, encouragement and fortitude, and to the UFAWU leadership, reps & my fellow staff for all the hard work you have all put in over the past few months.

I fully understand the frustration of what often feels like overwhelming obstacles and deliberate decisions made to end our livelihoods and way of life — at the same time, the spirit and commitment I see every day from fishermen/women and our families and communities is truly inspiring and what gives me the energy to keep fighting.

Dawn Webb, UFAWU-Unifor Organizer

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