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Fish Harvester EI Assistance Update

UFAWU-Unifor has heard from many fishermen regarding multiple issues with access to employment insurance.

The two most common issues are:

  • Denial of claims even despite EI posting that fishermen could be eligible using a reach-back to 2019. UFAWU-Unifor has since found out that they “made a mistake by not clarifying that if reach-back had been used previously, it could not be used again."
  • Fishermen being told that they received overpayment for their claims and that they will have to repay the overage.

The Prince Rupert Unemployed Centre Society advocates have been working with fishermen to resolve EI claim issues within their catchment area.

Below is a list of advocacy offices to contact for help in dealing with these, or other, problems relating to EI claims in other areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all advocates are as familiar with Harvester-specific claims so it is recommended to let them know that they can contact the Prince Rupert Unemployed Centre Society to ask for advice if needed.

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