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Dues and Payment Update

A number of changes to the way UFAWU-Unifor members make Dues and Benefit payments were recently made. These changes include improvements to the Dues system and a more convenient way for members to make payments.

For more information on Dues and payment options, please see the new "Dues" section in the "Members" tab, or click here.

Variable Rate

There are now two options for paying dues. While a flat rate of $375 may still be paid, members now have the option to pay their dues using a “variable rate.”

With a variable rate, the amount that a harvester pays depends on their total insurable earnings. Lower earning members pay less in dues, while higher earning members pay more in dues.

Harvesters may estimate their income preseason and pay according to the Minimum Dues Chart below. If your end-of-season ROEs show more was made than the initial estimate, please pay the difference.

Please refer to the Minimum Dues Chart to calculate dues:

The Minimum Dues Chart represents the lowest amount of dues that a fish harvester will pay. Dues payments over the minimum amount are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Pay With e-Transfer

Members now have a new option for paying their dues. In addition to paying either by cheque or voucher, members may now pay by e-Transfer as well.

E-Transfers allow you to send money directly from your bank account. Most banks offer this feature on their websites or smartphone applications. To make payments with e-transfer, please use your bank’s e- Transfer system. When prompted to enter a recipient email, enter one of the following two email addresses depending on the type of payment being made. Please include your phone number and name in the “memo” section of the e-Transfer.

For dues and initiation fee payments, please use paydues@ufawu.org.

For Benefit Fund payments, please use paybenefits@ufawu.org.

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