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CFC Seine Negotiations Bulletin & Collective Agreement Vote

Price Agreement:

There were many factors impacting BC salmon prices this season, including a poor pre-season market outlook, and low in-season market for pink and chum salmon.  

The Union had to negotiate creatively to get prices that were fair and acceptable for our members in a difficult market and economic climate. 

The Union Negotiating Committee accepted the following final offer made by CFC:  

The following are minimum “after-lease” prices: 

Species  North Coast, delivered to Prince Rupert  North Coast, delivered to Port Hardy  South Coast, delivered to Vancouver 
Pink   $0.15   $0.20   $0.35  
Chum   $0.65   $0.65   $0.80  
Sockeye  $1.15   $1.15   $1.15  
Spring  $1.40   $1.40   $1.40  
Coho  $0.50   $0.50   $0.50  


Base-licence sockeye quota “before-lease” minimum price:

CFC will pay a “before-lease” price of $1.50 per pound to each boat for the sockeye quota allocated to the boats seine licence.  

Packing fee: $0.05 to $0.15 — depending on circumstance. 

2023 Salmon Seine Collective Agreement Outline:

The Union Negotiating Committee agreed to the final offer and recommended to accept the above final price agreement offered by the Company.  

After the final offer was accepted, CFC informed the Union that market conditions had crashed, and they would not buy South Coast pink and chum salmon at the agreed-on min prices. 

After polling the fleet, the Union’s Negotiating Committee agreed to include an option to re-negotiate SC pink and chum prices prior to a fishery taking place, if requested.  

On Sept 5th the Committee rejected CFC’s offer of $0.20 min for Fraser Pink salmon, asking for $0.25. CFC is NOT willing to negotiate further at this time and will NOT buy at the agreed-on min $0.35.  Re-negotiations for a SC chum price have not taken place yet. 


Core Plan: CFC will pay 100% premiums — all members who fished the majority of the previous season, and who fish the majority of the present season will be enrolled.  

Full Plan: CFC will pay 50% of premiums for members who fished the majority of the past two previous seasons, and who wish to be enrolled either as a single or family. 

Review Process: Members can request a formal eligibility review if CFC determines they do not meet the eligibility requirements to receive Benefit payments. 

Increased Transparency:

Posted Prices: CFC will inform the Union of any on-grounds prices prior to a final agreement, or higher than the agreed-up min price. Members will be updated on these prices. If the posted and min prices are different, vessels will be paid the higher price. 

Settlements: CFC will provide company vessel crew members with a detailed accounting and spreadsheet breakdown of the Company 7-11’s share arrangement at the time of settlement, including an accounting of any 4-11’s year-end adjustment. 

Review: Members can request a formal settlement review if there is any perceived unfairness regarding their settlements.  

Your Negotiating Committee is recommending that you vote YES to accepting the 2023 Collective Agreement. 

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Please vote as soon as possible! 


TEXT/PHONE: 778-222-8790 OR EMAIL organizer@ufawu.org 

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