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A Threat to Food Security — We Need Your Help!


I am writing this because we at UFAWU-Unifor are deeply concerned about an issue currently threatening food security in B.C. and we need your help!

Commercial prawn harvesters recently received news from the DFO that existing regulations have been reinterpreted in such a way that the freezing of prawn tails in water is now illegal.

This method has allowed prawn fishermen to sell their catch directly to the public in a manner that has benefited both fishermen and customers through prices that are fair to both parties.

Prawn harvesters have been using this method to store their catch for more than 50 years. However, the DFO now claims the time it takes to thaw frozen prawns — mere minutes — renders them unable to be “readily determined” for legal size limit measurement.

The problem here is that there is no reasonable alternative to freezing prawns in water.

We are encouraging both fish harvesters and the public to contact their local MPs in regard to this issue.

We are working with Skipper Otto to increase public awareness of this issue. Skipper Otto is hosting an email petition on their website. We encourage you to use the below button to access the petition and contact your local MP.

If you think this matter is as important as we do, please take the time to share this with others.Sincerely,

Guy Johnston

UFAWU-Unifor and the Prawn Industry Caucus

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