New Fishers Old Fishers

Jan 16, 2023

This post was originally published to The Fisherman website. More archived The Fisherman blog posts can be found on our Archive Page.


Young people are not seeing fishing as a career. Retiring fishermen cannot sell licenses/quota at a reasonable income for retirement.


  • Attract young fishermen by lower costs to get into fishing.
  • License banks (like NNFC or NFA) where new fishermen can lease licenses/quota at a reasonable price. Alaska is doing this now.
  • Community owned licenses/quota – lease out to fishermen – like PICFI but for everyone.
  • Diverse fisheries – not just license banks for salmon but for access to all fisheries
  • Owner operator / fleet separation Corporations can’t own licenses/quota
  • get rid of license speculation
  • keep license/quota prices real
  • Fishermen’s Loan Board for seasonal start-up loans and and licence/quota purchase costs.
  • Low cost provincial loans – every province except BC and Alberta has a Fishermen’s Loan Board
  • Help for all fishermen and for new fishermen to access loans
  • Provide a market for licenses/quota so fishermen who want to retire can do so with dignity
  • Government buy-back of licenses no longer active
  • Shared Federal and Provincial government/community/fishermen buy –up of licenses/quota and put into license banks for future distribution (to new fishers or diversified licenses to established fishers)
  • Better fish prices and no /or controled quota costs would attract new fishermen and new markets for licenses