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Position:  General Organizer

Contract   4 months (May 19-Sept 15) with possibility of working into year around

Hours:   Salary  -  (expected minimum 37.5 hr/week)

Location:  Campbell River- but also expected to travel the coast for a number of weeks

Dates:   May 20 – September 6, 2024

Salary Range$1,012.50 - $1,068.75 weekly depending on experience, skill and enthusiasm

Benefits: 6% vacation pay



Please apply electronically to: ufawupr@citywest.ca

About UFAWU-Unifor:    The United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union is a local union of Unifor.  We represent organized fishermen, tendermen and shoreworkers in B.C.

Website: https://ufawu-unifor.org/

The UFAWU-Unifor has always been more than ‘just a Union’.  Besides engaging in collective bargaining and contract enforcement we are massively involved in fisheries policy and other measures.  The UFAWU engages with issues that concern the fishing industry. We work with other fishing organizations, coastal communities and First Nations that depend on the fishery for their economic, cultural and social well-being.

There are many challenges facing our members.  Some fisheries are economically and biologically doing well but the benefits are being captured by investors and corporate interests.  Other fisheries face severe economic decline due to a confluence of many problems.  Rationalization has reduced the packer fleet to a tiny group; shoreworkers are facing the wholesale movement of their processing jobs to other countries.  The crisis is deep but the UFAWU works hard for change.

Overview of Position:

The General Organizer works under the direction of the Union’s Officers, who are working fisherman.  The Organizer reports to the Business Agent.  The Organizer will work in the Campbell River office, however much of the job is in the field.  The position is one where travel is expected up and down the BC coast and the General Organizer may be on the road for up to 3 weeks at a time;  you are required to have reliable transportation.

The General Organizer spends time on the floats and boats with fish harvesters and tendermen, and in the plants with shoreworkers.  Servicing present members and organizing new plants and fishermen is the lifeblood of the Union. The organizer is responsible for communications:  holding membership meetings, writing letters and bulletins, posting on the UFAWU Facebook Pages and the Union’s website.   The Union’s leadership is collaborative and will welcome your suggestions and opinions.

There will be a steep learning curve for someone from outside of the industry; industry knowledge will be an asset but is not a requirement.  However, a successful candidate will have a deep desire to organize and fight for the industry’s fishermen and workers.

Responsibilities: Duties:

  • Organizing meetings with the members and others
  • Talking one to one with industry participants
  • Organizing non-union fish plant workers and fishermen into the Union.
  • Writing grievances, reports, letters and bulletins, updating the Union’s FB Pages and Website
  • Keeping track of dues payments made to you and strictly following remittance procedures
  • Working collaboratively with staff and Union members
  • Accomplishing tasks quickly and thoroughly and requesting help when needed
  • Taking direction from the  Union's Officers, Business Agent or Northern Representative
  • Travel is expected up and down the BC coast in up to 3 week stints, via air, land and boat.
  • You will need to have reliable road transportation; a car allowance and travel costs are covered.


Skills / Attributes 

  • Comfortable meeting with people
  • Comfortable working alone
  • Comfortable being out in the field for a number of weeks
  • Willingness to listen to and learn from fish harvesters, shoreworkers and tendermen
  • Self-starter and work well both independently and in a collaborative situation
  • Good verbal communication skills; able to speak in front of a crowd
  • Able to relate to people of colour, immigrants and indigenous people
  • Able to discuss opposing views in a non-confrontational manner
  • Able to forcefully represent the membership’s interests


Qualifications -  Knowledge, Skills, & Experience

  • Able to write well
  • Comfortable with computers and proficient in Word and Excel
  • Understands class conflict


Qualifications -  academic / work experience

  • Studied and/or worked in  community economic development
  • Studied and/or worked in marine biology
  • Interest in improvements in social conditions



  • Duties are accomplished as requested and on time
  • Advice or help is asked for immediately when unsure
  • Expense records are kept accurately, done expeditiously, handed in on time
  • Responsible to the Business Agent and Union Officers


The UFAWU-Unifor is an equal opportunity employer.  The industry has a high number of Indigenous participants and workers of colour and we welcome applications from all.


Please apply electronically to: ufawupr@citywest.ca

Thank you for your interest in working with us at the UFAWU-Unifor.

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