Retired Membership

If you’re a union member who is over 60 years of age and has retired from the industry, you have the opportunity to become a Retired Member of UFAWU-Unifor. By applying to the General Executive Board, you can join Unifor’s Retired Workers Chapters.

As a Retired Member, you will have a full voice within the Union. Your opinions and concerns will be valued and heard.

Retired Member Eligibility

Please note that eligibility for the United Fishermen’s Benefit Fund and Shoreworkers Benefit Fund will be determined by the respective Bylaws of those Funds.

To maintain your Retired Membership, an annual due of $36.00 will be required. Your annual dues should be paid each April after your first payment. However, if you decide to return to fishing in any given year, you will be required to pay full dues to retain the benefits associated with Retired Membership.

If you’re interested in applying for Retired Membership, please ensure that your application is submitted while you are still in good standing. In exceptional circumstances, the General Executive Board may consider applications up to twelve months from the last paid and/or credited dues.

Life Membership & Special Honorary Membership

In recognition of an individual’s lifelong devotion and service to the membership, the Convention has the authority to grant Life Membership to Retired Members. Life Membership is the highest honor bestowed by the Union and carries full voice and vote privileges without the need to pay union dues.

To confer Life Membership, any resolution or motion must first be submitted to the General Executive Board for prior consideration and a positive recommendation. The Union holds this award in high regard, reserving it for cases of exceptional merit to maintain its prestige.

Additionally, the Union’s Convention, based on the General Executive Board’s recommendation, has the power to grant “Special Honorary Membership” to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to working people in the industry, even if they are not union members or directly involved in the industry. It’s important to note that this “Special Honorary Membership” does not grant any rights under the Union’s Constitution and does not require the payment of dues.