Future of the Salmon Fishery

After 2 back to back disastrous years – DFO has established a Working Group from BC Industry and First Nations on the future of the salmon fishery.

The Union’s position is that the salmon fishery must be changed so that fishermen who want to fish salmon are able to do so and make a decent living, and those who want to retire can do so with dignity.

Salmon Working Group Purpose Statement

The commercial salmon fishery industry in British Columbia is being significantly impacted by ongoing and persistent environmental and socio-economic challenges, now further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Immediate solutions are needed to support both the immediate and long term viability of the industry.  A small group of federal, provincial, Indigenous government and industry representatives are invited to explore ideas and develop options to address the sustainability and future of the west coast commercial salmon industry.  The outcome of this process will inform government policy direction and be used as part of seeking broader feedback and input from external partners and stakeholders in the future.

Here is a link to the Draft Terms of Reference including the Working Group participants and the list of discussion items that have been developed so far: Discussion “Bins.”