Fishermen pay $375 Annual Dues.

Your dues pay for the functions of the Union:

  • Membership travel and meetings
  • Convention and elections
  • Staff
  • Office space and meeting rooms

Staff research issues.  Fishermen meet and make collective decisions. Officers, General Executive Board members and staff help implement them. In-season, fishermen give UFAWU-Unifor staff ‘on the grounds’ directions for quick action. 

It all takes money.

Payment Options

Fishermen can mail a cheque to:


326-12th Street

New Westminster, BC V3m 4H6


Fishermen can sign a “Voucher” which directs a Fish Buyer to deduct union dues from your account and remit them to the union.

If you check the “continuing annual payment” box on the voucher, the Union will send the Voucher to the same Fish Buyer each year after.  You will always be able to change or cancel this option.

Dues Voucher