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Payment Options

UFAWU-Unifor members have different payment options depending on the type of payment being made:

  • Fishermen may pay dues by e-Transfer, cheque or voucher.
  • Benefit premiums may be paid by e-Transfer or cheque only.

For any questions regarding payments, please contact UFAWU-Unifor.

Pay By e-Transfer

e-Transfers allow you to send money directly from your bank account. Most banks offer this feature on their websites or smartphone applications.

To make payments with e-transfer, please use your bank’s e-Transfer system. When prompted to enter a recipient email, enter one of the following two email addresses depending on the type of payment being made.

  • For dues and initiation fee payments, please use paydues@ufawu.org.
  • For Benefit Fund payments, please use paybenefits@ufawu.org.

IMPORTANT: Please include your phone number and name in the "memo" section of the e-Transfer.

Pay By Cheque

To pay by cheque, please specify what the payment is for in the "memo" section of the cheque (i.e. For Dues).

Cheques may be sent to the following address:

830 14th Ave, 
Campbell River BC, 
V9W 4H4

IMPORTANT: Please include your phone number in the "memo" section of the cheque.

Pay By Voucher

Fish harvesters have the option to pay dues by signing a voucher.

For more information on paying via voucher, calculating dues or submitting a dues voucher, please click here.

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