Dues Information

Calculating Your Dues

Fish harvester members of UFAWU-Unifor pay dues. There are two options for paying dues.

1. Flat Rate

A flat rate of $375 may be paid before the season begins.

2. Variable Rate

With a variable rate, the amount that a harvester pays depends on their total insurable earnings.

Lower earning members pay less in dues, while higher earning members pay more in dues.

Harvesters may estimate their income preseason and pay according to the Minimum Dues Chart cart below. If your end of season ROEs show more was made than the initial estimate, please pay the difference.

Please refer to the Minimum Dues Chart below to calculate dues owed:

The Minimum Dues Chart represents the lowest amount of dues that a fish harvester will pay. Dues payments over the minimum amount are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Paying Your Dues

Dues may be paid by e-Transfer, cheque or voucher.
For information on paying by e-Transfer or cheque, please see our Payment Options page.

UFAWU-Unifor members may instead sign a “voucher” which directs a fish buyer to deduct union dues from their account and remit them to the union.

If you check the “continuing annual payment” box on the voucher, UFAWU-Unifor will send the voucher to the same fish buyer each year after. You will always be able to change or cancel this option.

To set up voucher payments, please complete the form below: