CFC Seines

Bargaining 2020 For CFC Seine — Salmon Minimum Prices

Benefit Fund Coverage & Share Agreement will be starting soon. Please get involved in setting demands, sitting on the negotiating committee and by voting on the Company Offers CFC seine fishermen are the only fishermen who have a say in the price you fish for and the conditions you fish under.

How does a fleet certify?

To apply for certification at the BC Labour Relations’ Board a majority of  fishermen who are fishing with the same gear for the same company must sign UFAWU-Unifor membership cards. No dues are required at this time.

The next hurtle is a vote. To win certification, 50% of the vote must be in favour of certifying the Union as the bargaining agent for that company’s seine fishermen.

In CFC’s case, they put in an objection, which had to be dealt with by the Labour Board before the ballots were counted.  It is likely, now that the Board ruled in CFC’s case, that seiners can join a union, the Labour board will be faster in ruling on any other company’s objection.

Once the ballots are counted, if the majority voted in favour of the Union, the Union becomes certified by the Labour Board to represent all the fishermen in bargaining.

Why certify?

A certification means that the fishermen covered by the certification are represented by the Union and that the company must negotiate with them.  Fishermen can bargain how much the company has to pay for their fish, any benefits you want and any quota lease charges.


A Fair Share Agreement? Any Agreement negotiated by the UFAWU-Unifor must be voted on by the fishermen affected.