Shoreworker Benefits

Shoreworkers have benefits — each of which was won through collective bargaining. Shoreworkers have struggled hard and made sacrifices to achieve these benefits.

Medical, Dental and Extended Health Benefits

To see the eligibility and enrollment requirements for your benefits, click below:

For more information or to start your coverage, contact your employer or the UFAWU.


Shoreworkers are automatically enrolled in the Shoreworkers Pension Fund in January after working 1000 hours in the plant. Once enrolled, the pension statements will be mailed each spring. If information is needed on a pension, please call the Shoreworkers Pension Fund at 604-519-3636 or contact the UFAWU.

Shoreworkers’ Benefit Fund

Click the links below to download or print a form:

Registered Retired Members

If you have retired and are 60 years or older you may apply for Retired Membership within one year of retiring.

UFAWU-Unifor Retired Membership Dues are $36 per year.

Retired shore members may be eligible for benefits from the Shoreworkers’ Benefit Fund.

For information or assistance call the Shoreworkers Benefit Fund at 604-519-3634 or contact the UFAWU.